• Are you a multi-passionista kinda woman who wants to bring all your gifts, talents, passions and purpose together into an iconic brand?
  • Have you labeled yourself, "Jane of all trades?"
  • Do you feel a little scattered and all over the place when it comes to your business?
  • Do you have a string of un-finished projects, programs and a list of amazing ideas sitting around and not making you any money?
  • Are you dealing with the "start, stop and never finish syndrome?"
  • Do you get frustrated when you're told to deny your passions and just do "one thing?"
  • Do you desire to live a life you love while making a difference in the world?

Keep reading dahling! You have come to the right place.

The Iconic Legacy Boutique is a premium, boutique inspired, branding and business atelier, for the high-achieving and extraordinary multi-passionista. The Iconic Legacy Boutique exudes distinction and sophistication while providing a superior experience with definitive results.

As the Savvy + Sassy "It Girl" of Branding, I use an ultra-feminine approach to help multi-passionistas blend what they crave into a bespoke iconic brand that allows them to live the life they truly desire.

I take you on the journey of blending your skills + talents + passions + purpose into a cohesive message that positions you as a world-class brand. Thus allowing you to help more people and make more money while making a difference in the world.

And because of this, The Iconic Legacy Boutique has become a partner of choice for multi-passionistas who value all things that lights them up from the inside so they can create a radiant lifestyle infused with freedom, fulfillment and flat out fabulousness.

Being a multi-passionista, you understand that a distinctly appointed brand with an avant garde feel is your "secret" weapon.

You are guided by a code of service.

You know that your transformational message has the power to shift the lives of those you touch.

Yes, you are just that powerful!

As a Multi-passionista you are:

  • a visionary
  • a trailblazer
  • a trendsetter
  • a big dreamer

iconic definition - new

But on the flip side.

  • You sometimes limit yourself by looking for the permission, validation and approval of others.
  • You second guess yourself before stepping in, stepping up and stepping out into your passions + fulfilling your unique purpose.
  • You're waiting for the perfect time, the perfect opportunity or paralyzed by the perfectionist syndrome

As an award-winning speaker and Branding Bombshell, my life's work uses my essence + expertise + experiences to serve as a cicerone to dynamic + creative women. I help them marry their passions with their purpose to create an irresisible + iconic brand from scratch.

Does this speaks to you? Do you want more fabness dahling? Then you're invited to schedule a private discovery session with me by clicking the link below.

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